Mrs. G came to see us with complaints of yellow and short teeth! She said that her teeth used to be longer and she was confident when she smiled. Mrs. G decided to change her smile with 6 veneers on the front teeth and an upper precision “no-show” partial denture to replace the back teeth. Now, she says she smiles all the time and loves how good she feels!

Mrs. W came to see us with a concern about a chip on her front tooth! She was very concerned about how it would look with all the brown stains in her tooth, but she was very clear that she did not want a crown. We were able to repair Mrs. Ws’ tooth with composite and with a color kit recreate the stain to match. Mrs. W was very happy with the outcome and the fact that the visit was less than an hour!

Mrs. K came to see us with major concerns about her front teeth not touching. She was originally going to have braces but after discussion with her family she decided to solve her challenge with 8 upper veneers and 6 lower veneers! Today she is one of our biggest fans and has a smile to match her personality!

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