Elite Business Office Manager

I’m a southern girl, born in Atlanta and raised in Gwinnett County.

I fell in love with dentistry even before I graduated form high school and began my dental career at the age of 15. I am very thankful for the leaders and teachers that have been in my path and guided me in my professional growth.

I obtained my Dental Assisting Certification in 1991. Through the years I have taken even more courses to advance my skills to serve patients at the highest level possible. In 2001 I merged into a management position that has given me so much joy learning even more about dentistry.

I feel very blessed with God’s many gifts in my life; my loving family, husband of 23 years, my 2 amazing (adult) children and the opportunity to work and serve others with the amazing team we have at Bethlehem Dentistry.

In my spare time I enjoy tackling miles on the Appalachian Trail, camping and fishing.

Welcome to Bethlehem Dentistry. I look forward to helping you keep your beautiful smile healthy for a lifetime.